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Get tips on getting your money's worth for fence work

Finding a good contractor can be tough for you when you need work done on your home or business. Here is some advice that can help you get your money's worth.

Offering you the best advice for choosing a good fence contractor.

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Be precise, so you both can be on the same page with the work that needs to be done. Effective communication gives a contractor the ability to quote you for performing the same work with the same materials.


Competitive quotes:

Look for a contractor who offers you the best overall value, not necessarily the lowest price. A contractor's price, reputation, workmanship and warranty should all be considered for choosing a good all-around one.


Be cautious if you notice 1 price is significantly lower than everyone else's. Determine why there is a big cost differential. Always keep in mind; you usually get what you pay for.



Most states require fence contractor's to have worker's compensation, liability and property damage insurance. Some contractors don't have insurance, just to cut costs. Make sure the contractor you use has all the necessary insurance so you're not at a legal risk.



Ask your fence contractor for a list of references. Talk to them to get a better sense of the contractor's workmanship. Quality could be the primary reason a contractor's price is higher or lower than their competition.



Always get a contract in writing! It should have a full description of the work, payment schedules and estimated time of completion.


Payment schedule:

Most fence contractors require a deposit before starting a job. Payment schedules may vary. Most ask for half down and the other half due upon completion.


Project changes:

If your project changes in any way, make sure you note this in the contract. This allows for revised prices and timetables to be set. Something that may appear to be a small alteration can cause the fence contractor to incur significant unexpected costs and delays. Do your best to keep changes to a minimum for that reason.


We hope these suggestions make choosing a fence contractor much easier for you. Reputation and quality are the 2 most important factors for choosing a contractor. Find the best one that fits your needs.

Offering you the best advice for choosing a good fence contractor.
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